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Jan 26th, 20121 Comment

Tuesday night’s Addicted to Real Estate Meet-Up was chock full of great information, but you missed it!

What did you miss?

How to buy houses with NO BANKS, NO MONEY, and GET PAID TO KEEP THEM!

The presentation featured 12 powerful home buying techniques to help you close the deal. Included were:

1- Seller Financing
2- Subject to
3- Private $
4- Seller Financing and Subject To
5- Seller Financing and Private $
6- Private $ and Subject To
7- Private $, Subject To and Seller Financing
8- Wholesaling
9- Foreclosures
10- Lease options
11- Equity Partnering
12- Wholesaling to Yourself

The 90 minute meeting covered all these techniques, but even better, you now have the opportunity to finally learn these in-depth and really “Get Busy Buying”.

At the meeting, we unveiled the “The Addicted to Real Estate Buyer’s Briefcase” a complete package for closers. The package consists of an actual briefcase, complete with all the forms and training you will ever need to buy houses with NO BANKS, and NO MONEY. With the briefcase you will be COMPLETELY prepared for ANY home buying situation, and you will have all the tools at your fingertips to get the deal done!

You get ALL of the following with the The Addicted to Real Estate Buyer’s Briefcase:

• Complete text on each topic
• Educational videos (educational videos for each topic)
• Accompanying workbook to reinforce what you learn
• Sales videos (videos to help prepare you to make the presentation to the seller)
• Sales scripts – know what to say to every seller
• Powerpoint seller presentations on disk
• Flipbook seller presentation
• FORMS – All the forms you will need, as well as easy to follow instructions and images about how to fill them out
• Complete audio CD’s of the educational series
• Complete audio CD’s of the sales series

The package is currently in development and will be ready in Spring 2012.

Take the time to watch the video from the Meet-Up. It will be the best time you spend all year!

About author:

Addicted to Real Estate–Why I Can’t Stop and Why You Should Start, by Phil Falcone, is an honest account of an addiction to real estate. Sometimes addiction is a very good thing. In this book, Phil Falcone, the ultimate real estate addict, will show you how to achieve amazing success as a real estate investor and addict: • Delve into the details of actual deals he negotiated and learn why his methods were so effective • Discover why his residential to commercial real estate strategy will create ultimate wealth • Learn how he used apparent liabilities (OCD, insomnia, and workaholic behavior) to help him achieve his goals • Why he can’t stop investing in real estate, and how you can start controlling your own financial destiny through real estate. Funny, frank and informative, Addicted to Real Estate will inspire any investor to achieve higher levels of drive and success in the rewarding world of real estate. Phil Falcone is a Philadelphia area full-time real estate investor who started in the business at the age of 23, and whose portfolio today includes commercial offices, apartment buildings, and residential homes. As the owner of Falcone Real Estate Holding Corporation, he prides himself on his non-stop real estate focus and determination, his ability to be a great professional speaker, and on his fun, outside-the-box approach to real estate.

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