Don’t fall in Love

Jul 30th, 201035 Comments

Falling in love with a real estate deal can be the kiss of death. When you work on some of these long hard commercial properties and the deal seems to take forever, you tend to get attached to the building. You work on something so long it tends to become somewhat of an obsession, and the longer you’re involved in it, the harder it is to walk away. I found myself in this situation more than once where I wanted the deal so bad I was thinking of making concessions I maybe should not think of offer- ing. That’s why I suggest you be aware not to fall in love with the real estate deals you are working on.

When I chase residential buildings to purchase, the success rate of closing these deals is very good, but the commercial arena is completely different. I don’t know if it’s me or the deals I am chasing or if its commercial real estate in general, but I have had four deals fall through for every one that went through. It can weigh on you over the years as you write contracts and incur lawyer fees and spend tons of time working on deals that don’t come to fruition. If you find yourself in a situation where the smartest thing for you to do is walk away from the deal, you can feel good about the fact that at least you gained some knowledge while working on the one that didn’t go through. Sometimes you win and some- times you learn is a good way to look at a deal that doesn’t make it to settlement.

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