My Top 7 Secrets Revealed on Real Estate Investing by Phil Falcone from Addicted To Real Estate

Jul 14th, 20121 Comment

The following seven ideas can make you RICH. I might have some fun while explaining them but they are for real. At least six of them can make you rich. One of them can make you FAT.

1-Order a Pizza
2-High Grass Houses
3-Think Big
4-Make real money when you buy
5-Persistence is Omnipotent
6-It’s an art not a science
7-Do business with the businesses that do business with your business.

What is the buyers briefcase and I would I want it? Watch this great real estate meeting video to find out!

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Phil Falcone is a Philadelphia area full-time real estate investor who started in the business in 1989 at the age of 23, and whose portfolio today includes commercial offices, apartment buildings, and residential homes. Phil is the author of Addicted to Real Estate–Why I Can’t Stop and Why You Should Start, an honest account of an addiction to real estate. From his first investment property over 23 years ago to his relentless search for the next great deal every day, Falcone is a non-stop real estate investment machine!

Phil will be sharing with us how he buys houses with none of his own money, without the support of banks, gets to keep the properties and sometimes gets paid to buy them. He will delve into the details of actual deals he negotiated and describe why his methods were so effective. Learn how he used his addiction to help him achieve his goals and why he can’t stop investing in real estate. Phil will inspire any investor to achieve higher levels of drive and success in the rewarding world of real estate.

It’s none of your business by Jeremy Ricci of Addicted to Real Estate TV

Apr 28th, 2012No Comments

Transaction privacy is something very important to guest host Jeremy Ricci as it should be to other real estate investors. Watch this important video as Jeremy discusses some of the reasons to keep your deals nobody’s business but yours. Phil Falcone invites you to sign up for this FREE web TV show at Phil Falcone gives it to you straight about how to make it in the Real Estate Investing Business.

The Upside to a Down Market. Do you know the flood gates just opened up? Get ready to get rich.$$$$$$$$$

Apr 15th, 20121 Comment

In this episode Phil talks about the upside to a down market and why you need to get busy buying. He shares some interesting stats on foreclosures and how they are about to flood the market. That is correct. The flood gates are open and here they come. Get ready to make the greatest wealth increase in your life.

How to analyze commercial real estate using cap rates – Part #2

Mar 11th, 201231 Comments

Check out part two of a series where I talk about cap rates and how you need to understand them even if you never bid on a piece of commercial real estate. If you like this topic tell me in the comments and maybe If enough people ask I will release more videos.

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