Free webinar during your lunch break tomorrow

Apr 20th, 20111 Comment

If you would like to have a productive lunch tomorrow at noon I will be doing a free webinar at the Cama Academy. Just click on this link to participate.

Phil Falcone speaks in Reading PA on 5/3/11

Apr 9th, 2011242 Comments

Do you want to learn how to buy houses with no money and no banks? Then watch this video. Have you ever felt like you may be addicted to real estate? Then you don’t want to miss our next meeting. Phil Falcone, the ultimate real estate addict, will be sharing with us what he has been up to lately. He is going tell us about his 2020 vision for real estate investors today. It involves strategies for buying real estate with no money while keeping the properties without the support of banks. He will also be telling us about his new real estate company sure to interest investors and sharing some of his latest commercial real estate transactions. Don’t miss out on Phil’s fun outside the box approach to the great business of Real Estate investing.